Just fifty metres offshore but a million miles away.

Lido is located in Havre des Pas, Jersey’s historic holiday beachfront entertainment area. The Lido has provided an epicentre for the island’s water based entertainment for 100 years. From the bathing pools of the 19th century to the high diving boards of the 1910s, the welcome wartime relaxation to the cabaret of the 90s. The pool holds many fond memories for islanders and Lido now exists to help you use the pool’s open areas to help create memories as part of your event.

It’s closer to the centre of St Helier than people sometimes think. Walking from Colomberie takes just 6 minutes. Prior to 2016, the end of the pier was known as ‘The Pier Restaurant’ as shown below. We’re still waiting for the monkeys at Google to update the listing!



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