Jersey’s unique coastal event space


Jersey is a wonderful island blessed with incredible beaches and coastal scenery. Lido, uniquely, is one of the only event venues on the waterfront that can allow over 100 attendees or guests to enjoy the best of Jersey’s seaside heritage. The space lends itself perfectly to birthday events, private celebrations and weddings. Split into four useable zones, we can offer inside seated dining or standing events for up to 100 in 2016 and up to 160 later in 2017. Combined with our balcony, rectangular roof and circular roof, all of which are licenced, we can offer the perfect venue for large scale events up to 1000 people that can utilise the whole Lido for a truly unique event.

Our Areas

1. THE Clido_areas_02IRCLE

The indoor space was originally Lido’s changing rooms; open air around a central open space. Now all under cover, the space offers a bar, catering pass, staged area and private toilets (to supplement those on the pier). The space opens up onto the veranda with pool and sea views beyond. It can be arranged to suit a variety of uses, whether events of up to 110 in rectangular or circular table formats, standing presentations or product launches or a private cinema viewing.

lido_areas_052. THE BALCONY

The balcony is the outdoor platform that overlooks the pool in front of the circle. Licenced for daytime use, the balcony is perfect for private al fresco events throughout the day. Cream tea gatherings,  summer barbeques or outdoor evening events. Two sets of concertina doors can be opened between to create an indoor / outdoor space for up to 200.

lido_areas_033. THE RECTANGLE

The most practical of our rooftop areas, the rectangle offers an event space for up to 150 seated diners, either al fresco or indoor with the aid of a marquee* At high tide, the rectangle sits high up, surrounded by water with views out to sea for all guests. Looking down onto the pool steps and public area, the elevated rectangle gives the perfect vantage point and private area for your event.

lido_areas_044. THE ROOF

If you’re looking to make a statement and take full advantage of our location, the roof adds a unique dimension to your event at Lido. With a raised circular focal point, the roof is the centrepoint of your event. Whether a wedding blessing location in 2016 or as a place of marriage in 2017, the roof can provide an elevated yet intimate environment for a ceremony or performance.

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